The Crazy Bubble Calls

Ready to Pop Some Crazy Bubbles, Dear One?

If you are wanting to POP them bubbles, a great way to start is on our monthly Popping The Crazy Bubble Calls. This is your Safe Haven - a group of open hearted, supportive women. Together we find healing and effective ways to deal with those crazy-making relationships that are hurting your heart and adding drama to your life. 


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What Happens on these Crazy Bubble Calls?  

We Create a Safe Haven for You to Make Some Changes that You Want to Make

  • Find new, empowering, & freeing ways to deal with manipulative, challenging and negative relationships.
  • Access your most powerful self and re-align with your passion and possibility.
  • Shake loose the invisible bonds of the past.
  • Find healing in a safe, joyful place where you can let God go to work on you!

What are the Deets?

The Crazy Bubble "Safe Haven" Calls happen on the

 4th Thursday of the Month, at 6:30pm

They're normally $387 for the year. But for this special, you can have 3 months for $75

Why do this for a year? Because real change takes time. Good things grow when we give them the room and attention and love they need. Sometimes you have to dig in deeper to get to the good stuff. 

Why start with a 3 month special? So you have some room to make sure this is an awesome place for you to grow. 

Who Is Leading These Calls?

Suzanne Tipton Offner, M.S., was blessed to be raised by a Mom with Borderline Personality Disorder, one of the many invisible mental illnesses that are embedded in our society. 

 While this may not seem like a blessing at first (it didn't seem like one to Suzanne at the time!) she has found many profound silver linings in this challenging past. This amazing path has led her to a beautiful place in her life, where she helps people find healing, peace, and joy as they transform their lives from the inside out and claim their powerful birthrights. 

Above & beyond her formal therapeutic training, Suzanne has studied personal development, personal evolution and spirituality in a variety of settings. It is her faith and a rock-solid belief that humans can grow and change that has gotten her past some of the rockier parts of life with her sanity and optimism (mostly!) intact.

And of course it is those rocky times that gave her the compassion and perspective to understand the huge challenges that people face when transforming their lives from the inside out. 

Suzanne has a Masters Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy and is a Certified Master Coach. 

What Do We Do? 

On this call, we aren't fixing things. We're transforming them. 

We're starting from love, not conflict. Loving yourself, loving them, and loving the situation. Does that seem hard to imagine? It may be. That's ok. It takes practice. But it gives you power when you need it. And the process of doing this work extracts you from the conflict and gives you a new way to operate and a new way to win in that "no-win" game. It's a whole new perspective. 

Maybe, inside your Crazy Bubble, love and conflict have been all mixed up together. That often happens. It can be very confusing. That's part of what makes a Crazy Bubble crazy -- it's hard to sort out the guilt, frustration, anger and exhaustion from the love, laughter and appreciation. One day things are fine. The next day they're totally not fine. You can't ever seem to win, and then something sweet happens. The resentent builds. The sadness deepens. You're worn out and tired. You can end up feeling stuck and lost. You hang on for those sweet moments. 

Is there a way to escape the cycle of guilt, shame, anger and obligation? Yes! 

Is there a way to rewrite the rules so you can enjoy life more and find some peace in this crazy-making relationship? Yes!

Is there a way to free up the energy and emotions and time you've been pouring into this relationship, so you can pursue your passions and gifts? Yes!

These aren't simple answers, but they are real answers. Real answers I'd like to share with you on this call. 

What Do I Have To Do? 

  • Come with an open heart.
  • Come with an open mind.
  • Come with a commitment that things will be different.
  • Know You are Worth It, or want to know that, down in your bones.

Can I Just Ignore This and Hope It Gets Better? 

Yes. Absolutely. And no one would blame you for it. 

I gotta say though, that if it was going to get better on it's own, it probably would have done so already. You're a pretty smart cookie, aren't you? If you knew how to fix this, you'd have done that already. If the other person knew how to fix this, they would've done it already. Because you're just like that. 

And if you really don't want to deal with things right now, that's ok too. Sometimes it's too hot or too chaotic to even think about. That's totally fine. 

I do want you to ask yourself these questions, though. You don't have to tell me or anyone else the answers. But tell yourself the truth. 

  • "What happens if I don't deal with this?" 
  • "What happens if we keep going down this trail, in this direction, and things don't get better?" 
  • "How is this affecting the rest of my family, especially the ones I'm responsible for?"
  • "What do I really want?"

I'm asking you these things, not to create guilt or worry, but to pull back that layer of false normalcy and acceptance that all of use to obscure the real pain and frustation that come from Crazy Bubble relationships. We get used to these problems. We learn how to live with them. We think there aren't any options. And THAT is what I will not accept. Not for me and not for you. If you want to leave things as they are, then I will support you. But if you accept them because you feel stuck and don't believe you can have a different life, then I'm here to tell you that's not true. It may FEEL true, but it is not true.

Can Things Really Be Different, Suzanne? 

Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. Did I mention yes? ;-)

It starts with EDUCATION. Learning what keeps a Crazy Bubble in place, and how to extract yourself. 

Then you need some TOOLS to rewrite those relationhip rules, and a place to PRACTICE using them. 

You need a place to VENT and EXPRESS yourself. 

You need to get some deep QUESTIONS answered.


And you need to create a VISION of what is possible for you and your family..

When you bring all those ingredients together, some magical things start happening. You start to see things from a brand new perspective. The hidden rules of the game are revealed to you. New ways to play become available. You see how guilt, fear, shame and anger have been used as weapons in a frustrating contest of control. And you feel relief as you extract yourself purposefully from the past performance roles. Now you are FREE to make new choices and pursue new options. You have the strengh and surity to set and hold new boundaries. You have the support to grow your wings and fly.  

Got Some Questions? Want to Talk? 

If you've got some questions, and you want to find out if this is good fit for you, please don't hesitate. Click this link and Set up a time to talk with me. I love to help people find their way on this quest. :-)